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Hey there, friend!

I'm often described as an inspiring, friendly, positive, creative, and influential woman. My mission is to empower you with the confidence to show up unapologetically and attract your dream clients and dream opportunities so you can help more people.

But... I know that's easier said than done. I bet when you decided to become an online service professional you didn't realise you were signing up to be a content creator, an influencer, a designer and marketer.

That's why... I guide you to find comfort within yourself first for heightened visibility. I truly believe that YOU are your brand's paramount marketing asset; you just need the self-confidence fuel to propel you forward.


I'm Kerrie Wyatt

My passion for image consulting stems from my dual roles as a Personal Stylist and Portrait Photographer.

I've been fortunate to guide clients in unlocking the potential of their clothing and image, fostering intentional and strategic dressing.

This profound transformation not only elevated awomen's self-esteem but also empowered them to step into the limelight as the face of their business, boasting a distinctive and authentic personal brand.

Witnessing the transformation has been awe-inspiring. Many clients, once hiding behind logos or grappling with self-doubt about their presentation, underwent a remarkable shift, breaking free from common fears that kept them playing small.

The results were incredible! They flourished, embracing visibility with newfound confidence. Some authored their own books, while others graced the pages of magazines and embraced speaking opportunities for the first time!

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1. Instead of succumbing to procrastinating, self-doubt and the need to please others...

It's time to embrace your next level version of yourself. Step forward with an authentic, confident and consistent style story that energetically resonates with your ideal customer, bringing you more opportunities and offerings. Beating the fear starts with one small act and lots of practice.

2. Instead of feeling "uninspired" with your style, cold, stoic and boring...

Say hello to a newfound sense of inspiration, a captivating "wow factor" in your brand and style, and a positive mindset. Feel confident, free from overwhelm and ready to unleash your full potential.

Embrace your authenticity and align seamlessly with your brand, ensuring that you connect with and influence the ideal audience eager to collaborate with you.

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3. Say goodbye to avoiding the camera and relying on stock photos that don't portray you as credible.

It's time to cultivate a strong authentic and clear vision of how you want your online presence to be perceived.

With a deliberate process of personal branding, you'll create a blueprint for your signature brand style, encompassing your website, social media content, personal brand photos, and videos.

This intentional approach allows you to up-level your brand and image, becoming recognisable and memorable in the eyes of your audience.

I embarked on this business journey driven by a desire to make a meaningful impact and the aspiration to leave a legacy I can be proud of. 

Equally important to me is the freedom to live and work wherever I choose, allowing me to cherish precious moments with my two children. 

Do I want to have it all, with all the trimmings? Absolutely! 

I am determined to create a life that encompasses both professional success and personal fulfilment and I want that for you too!

If you have a strong personal brand you will not be famous to many, but a niche group of people will believe in what you believe and follow you because they like you.

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How did I get here?

Back when the pandemic hit, I flipped my business from a regular stylist to an online image coach.

Every day was a struggle to get clients and sell my program. I was convinced more content meant more success. Turns out, I was wrong...

I was overworked, losing myself, and stuck in a loop. Why? Because I didn’t want to show my face. I thought it was safer not to. But guess what?

No clients came for two years, and I was missing connections because no one knew who I was. It didn’t feel good to lose myself.

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One day, I realized things had to change. The pandemic shook things up, and I had to pay attention to the parts of me that were screaming for it. It took me a bit to recognize the nasty way I was talking to myself.

It wasn't until my kids saw it that I knew I had to change. I went from not feeling good enough to feeling good about myself overnight.

I studied personal style, colour psychology, and how to own my body and space. Opening up to receive, I looked in the mirror knowing I’m a beautiful, successful woman. Adorned in outfits that make me feel amazing, my energy flows, and my confidence radiates in front of the camera. I talk to the women I’m here for, helping them be strong, powerful, and confident.

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Making a quantum leap

For the first time, I realized what was holding me back—those old fears and worries. The pandemic taught me that to be a good online coach, you can't hide. Being the face of your brand connects you with your audience for real.

Now, I'm throwing the door open for you. If you're a business owner with big dreams, ready to stand out and change the game, it's time to be seen. Forget the old ways; build something sturdy, attract the right people, and get those high-paying clients. It's your time.

What my clients say....

"Kerrie is not only an outstanding talent behind the camera, she knows how to capture just the right look and style for her clients" - Linda 

"I hate getting my photo taken! But I felt so comfortable with Kerrie ! She made the whole experience fun and relaxed and the finished product was amazing." - Sonia 

"Kerrie was amazing! She made me feel so comfortable and was able to ask the right questions about what style I was after to create the best results for my branding images. She really knows her stuff! I can highly recommend Kerrie." - Lisa 

"Kerrie is welcoming , warm & genuine. She made me feel that even though my job was for work, that it was special. Her pics are gorgeous and I love how organised she is. You would have to search far & wide to find anyone as talented as this chick, She's excellent" - Letitia

“Loved working with Kerrie on my new headshots. She was very helpful and gave me great tips to look nice and natural in the photos! Thanks heaps for your help! Had a great time and the photos looked awesome!”- Melissa

A woman supporting women

I wasn't always confident in my style and being in front of the camera.

Overcoming overwhelm, fear of trying, lack of confidence, imposter syndrome, and self-doubt took time. These fears are little devils that can hold you back from being visible.

In today's fast-paced online world, people want to connect with real individuals they know, like, and trust. 

You possess incredible talent, experience, and a deep desire to help others with your unique magic.

However, you often lack the confidence needed to put yourself out there. I understand that we let these things slip.

That's why I've dedicated myself to empowering women with my expert guidance and some very beneficial tips so you can increase your productivity and grow.

I want to challenge you to be the best version of you, to really define who you are and empower you to own it!

It all starts with YOU!

this is a headshot of kerrie wyatt in her denim jacket and aqua necklace looking at the camera leaning on a wall almost resting her head on it showing how to take you own headshots

Now that we know each other a little better, let's move on. If you're ready to uncover your signature style and show up as a more confident and authentic version of yourself online so you can show up and serve more of your dream clients.

Whether you prefer to learn at your own pace or strategise your signature style in a private setting, I've got you covered!

Let's embark on this journey together.