Personal stylist & online image coach for female service providers

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Activate your most powerful force for a magnetic presence

I'm a personal stylist and photographer turned online style & image coach, and a devoted wife and mother of two beautiful children, I love helping my fellow female service providers align their external image, clothing choices and colours with their personality, values and messaging, giving them an irresistible vibe that attracts their right fit clients.

If you're looking for someone that can help you confidently show up so your right fit clients can get to know you, like you and trust you enough to buy into what you're selling - well...I'm your girl!
I'll teach you how to get unstuck and out of the visibility closet . The world needs you as you are. It doesn't need you to be skinnier, smarter, better; it needs you to shine your light, speak your truth and share your passion.
Let's unlock the confidence within to authentically showcase your brand and captivate your dream clients.

Oh hey, I’m Kerrie

Let’s get you stepping up and standing out so you can thrive online!

Elevate your online presence with a personal brand strategy and an empowered image. As a female service provider, connect authentically with your dream clients and elevate your confidence to stand out for business growth.
My focus is not just on designing logos but crafting a compelling narrative and visual identity that captivates your audience. Experience a transformation in your online visibility and lead generation.
Brand Style Mastery Program can get you there.

Check out my interview where I talk more about my Personal branding strategy.

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